Bluemax engineering provides expert Heat, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) design and drafting services for our global clients. We help you reduce your operational costs by engineering perfect designs. Our skilled drafters provide you with efficient and cost-effective HVAC design and drafting services that help you optimize your time and resources to carry out critical projects with ease.

In Bluemax a group of engineers are strategically assembled to do there design and drafting services. Our HVAC modelling and drafting team creates excellent 2D/3D models of your projects.


Our HVAC design and drafting services help you to complete your Air conditioning project efficiently and cost effective.

HVAC Design and Drafting Services We Offer:

1.Heat load calculation based on floor plan.

2. Duct size calculation and layout duct on floor plan.

3.Selection of the equipment like AHU, FCU.Pump, Chiller, Cooling tower.

4.Fans selection.

5.Selection of air outlet like diffuser, grille, registers.

6.Chilled water pipe size calculation.

7.Indoor /Outdoor unit hanging drawing.

8.VRV pipe sizing and system designing.

9. VRV electrical schematic.