Duct systems are designed to supply or extract a certain amount of air a specific area. Even with Air filters fitted to the system, it cannot be ensured that some contaminants will come into the system. These accumulated contaminants creates a basis for bacteria and fungi. These might free themselves from the duct and they can reach the ventilated rooms .

This might cause illness for the occupants working in the rooms. Contaminants accumulated ducts can get blocked, here by cause a poor suction from the rooms. A dirty ventilation duct creates a chance for fire. Dust burns very easily and with suction in the duct system the fire can be spread out to the parts of the building rapidly. For all of the above and many more reasons, there is reason enough to clean the duct system periodically.


You might be wondering what air duct cleaning technicians will be doing once they get a call for service. We’re glad to describe

Individual Room Air-Conditioner:

Step :1

our professional will check out your ducts to determine the extent of cleaning that is needed. They may need to create some holes in your ductwork to attach vacuum pipe and cleaning shaft.

Step :2

we use a powerful vacuum to remove what is cleaned from your ducts. This vacuum is usually large enough. Vacuum pipe is normally connected to duct work with the help of a collar. By using air bags and wrapping sheets duct work open area and supply grills will be closed.

Step :3

Motorized brushes will be inserted into the duct work. The brushes clean the inside of the duct, knocking dust and debris loose.

Step :4

The vacuums suck up all of the loose debris cleaned out of the ducts.

step :5

Clean the heating/cooling unit.