Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning And Services

As a restaurant owner , you know that to prevent restaurant fires it is necessary to regularly schedule your kitchen exhaust system cleaning and maintenance with a certified exhaust cleaning company.

A reputable company will clean your commercial-grade kitchen exhaust system down to bare metal – removing all grease and debris from your vent hood, exhaust fan, filters and the duct system. This process most importantly keeps your restaurant and kitchen safe for employees and guests, but also keeps you in compliance with NFPA 96 requirements.


So kitchen exhaust system cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for a commercial kitchen health and free from fire hazard.

Benefits From a Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning. :

1.Fire Prevention

Grease buildup can quickly start a fire. Obviously, you don’t want a fire in your kitchen’s ventilation system. When left dirty, the grease vapor from cooking collects in the ductwork and exhaust hood. With high temperatures, the buildup can ignite and cause a fire to spread through the ventilation system. Remove the grease, and you remove the source of a fire hazard.

2. Better Air Flow.

Wonder why your electric bill has gotten so high? It because of your inefficient exhaust system. When you have a kitchen exhaust system cleaning, the grease is gone, and better airflow makes for a more efficient kitchen and lower power bill.

3.Improved Air Quality

Exhaust systems that go without a cleaning disrupt the kitchen airflow, preventing heat, odors and smoke from leaving. Without adequate ventilation, kitchen air pollutants spread and also affect the quality of the food and employee morale and health. Improved air quality with a thorough kitchen exhaust cleaning prevents these consequences.

4.A Long-Lasting Fan Motor

Replacing parts in the exhaust system also gets expensive, and you waste money by not properly maintaining it. Exhaust system cleaning keeps your fan motor running and reduces exhaust system maintenance by 70%.